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GENCORP is the Corporate Trainning wing from the house of GENNXT. GENCORP is the name to reckon with when it comes to equipping your team with the IN-DEMAND skills and boost your producivity. The GENCORP program has been designed keeping in perspective the specific key result areas of your various departments to deliver high performance goals. We connect with your corporate protocols and drive the training program dynamically to ensure your business model takes an upward trajectory.

The Gencorp program has been distinctly classified into 3 specific categories to suit the needs of various hierarchies, viz., Beginner, Middle and Higher management. Each program is build with robust skills enriched with experienced experts to help you met your goals and objectives at varied stages of life and leadership.

There is no surprise that the ultimate objective in our life is Success, but we often miss to qualify for a goal larger than success, which is the wellbeing of our mind and soul, which ultimately triggers satisfaction when it is well eqilibrium. Come experience the traces of Success, Satisfaction and Suprimecy. Only at GENCORP.



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The YUVA is as energetic as the name itself. You are extremely young at heart and its been just a couple or probably a couple more of years since you stepped in the corporate world expecting high rise dreams to come along the way combined with stricking strokes of success periodically and it should become an Often-style thing, there is no room for doubt, you are at YUVA. Yuva is a harbinger of Success and the art of winning inculcated through the sheer virtue of smart work. We take you through the series of secret discoveries which will uncover the hidden gem within and unleash the talent to retrive spectacular results, abundant in nature.


The CLASSIC model has been especially designed to empower your Middle Management Level team with the required IN-DEMAND skills to trigger massive impact resulting into higher productivity and enhanced efficiency. The Middle Management team plays a significant role and hence boosting their capabilities has a tremendrous effect on the bottomline of your business. By properly evaluating each team member on our performance metrix ensures evaluation at individual level. The program has been designed and best suited right for the SME's to the big enterprises


IMPERIA Program has been designed for the CXO Level Managment Team. The Top Management struggle between driving the requisite delivery from the team as well as delicating the right job to the right people and meeting the deadlines in tuff-short times. Building work life balance with positive impact at work and life is essential. ENTERPRISE Program comes with the advantage of Meditation tool which helps you streamline, optimize and empower your mind to achieve goals hitherto unknown. The key objective is growth and success, delivered with ease.