GENNEXT is equipped with all State-of-the-Art facilities for the safety,security and convenience of its students. We understand it is very much imperative for the parents or the guardians to ensure safety and security of their wards. So whether you are a local citizen or travelling from any part of the city in India, we ensure that your valuable time and convenience aer never at stake when it comes to career at Gennxt.

Gennxt premise is equipped with all the modern facility for hasslefree commune. The hostel facility at Gennxt, which is just a walkable distance from the academy makes us the favorable place so that the candidate can dedicate themselves towards the specific objective of studies.


We understand how much connectivity matters today. The premise is equipped with Wifi connectivity, round the clock. Accesssing the internet is just a click away.


Security has always been our vital concern, for the boys as well as the girls. Hence now can rely on us and remain in peace when it comes to security for your loved ones.


Biometric Entrance ensures that only the facility staff and the students can enter the premise and no one else. No tresspasers are allowed. The premise is technologically equipped.


We understand that ease of commune between the hostel and the academy should be close to each other. Hence you can just walk the talk. We are at the reach of your walk, then why to run!!